People who play sport regularly have healthier, happier lives. Because sport not only has positive effects on the body; it can also benefit our mind and social life.


How can sport help our health?

Sport is good for the heart

Regular endurance training strengthens the heart muscles, enabling the heart to work more economically, which protects the myocardial muscle and creates better blood flow through it. Regular sport also prevents high blood pressure, and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels, which in turn reduces the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Preventing diabetes through sport

Physical activity not only reduces blood sugar levels; it also improves cells’ responsiveness to insulin. As such, playing sport regularly can effectively prevent type 2 diabetes, and also significantly improve quality of life for those who already have the illness.

Sport strengthens the bones

Sport can also strengthen our bones. Because the right amount of sport encourages our bones to form new bone matter. As we age, this positive aspect of sport becomes particularly important, since our bone density slowly starts decreasing from the age of around 35, thereby increasing the risk of osteoporosis. The stimulus needs to be reasonably intense though; suitable sports include jogging or weight training.

Lose weight healthily through sport

Playing regular sport has two positive effects on our body weight: On the one hand, we burn lots of calories when playing sport. But those who play sport regularly also burn more calories than unconditioned people when resting. Because regular sport builds up muscle, which leads to a higher basal metabolic rate (the energy the body consumes when not under any strain).

But it’s not just our physical health which benefits from regular sport. Sport can also improve our mental fitness.

Because the body reacts to strains and loads by increasing blood flow. This results in a better supply of nutrients both to our muscles and the brain, which can improve mental performance. Thinking long term, regular sport can even help keep the brain young. Studies have also shown that sport can lift moods and prevent/reduce stress.

And our confidence also benefits from sport. Because those who play sport will see the positive changes to their bodies: muscles will grow, and you feel fitter and healthier. This all leads to a better feeling within the body, and increased sense of self-worth.

How can sport improve our social life?