In Germany, girls and women play sport just like boys and men. Everyone here has the same right to enjoy sport. As such, girls and women are allowed to choose their own preferred sport, and exercise their bodies freely. Berlin has a wide range of sporting clubs with active female members. Some clubs have separate groups for women, while others enable them to form mixed teams with men. A club allows you to come into contact with other people and forge new friendships. The sporting options available in Berlin are very varied, ranging from yoga, dancing, swimming, volleyball and basketball to football and martial arts such as karate and many more. Women’s teams exist for all sports, meaning women can play sport together as a purely female volleyball team or basketball team, for example.

If you’re interested in sport, you can use our search engine to look for opportunities. Most options are open to men and women alike, but you can change the settings so that only women’s courses are shown. Try it out! Try some sport!