The Federal Volunteer Service pertaining to Refugees enables you to gain professional experience and be actively involved with public welfare, while also earning some money (pocket money). You will help out as a volunteer at a sports club, sports association or youth sports club for 20.5 hours a week (for 12 months), and in doing so make a positive contribution to the sense of community.

If you’re at least 18 years old and hold an employment permit issued by the Foreigners Office, you’re entitled to perform the Federal Volunteer Service pertaining to Refugees, which can be completed at sports clubs, sports associations or even youth sports clubs.

In doing so, you will:

  • Participate in activities you find interesting
  • Contribute your knowledge and experience,
  • Play sport with others, and learn about sport,
  • Become familiar with everyday working life in Germany,
  • Test out which tasks and activities suit you, and which professional pathways you can pursue after the Federal Volunteer Service,
  • Take a language course or obtain a coaching licence,
  • Apply and hone your language skills.

The Federal Volunteer Service does not pay you a wage like a normal job. You will, however, receive some remuneration (pocket money) for your help. After completing the Federal Volunteer Service, your workplace will issue you with a certificate, which you can later use when applying for a job. 


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