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  • Can I just play sport at a club?

    Anyone can generally play sport at a club. To do this, you need to contact a club, ask about the options they offer, and clarify the conditions.

  • Are there separate sporting groups for girls and women?

    Some sports are played outdoors in public areas. But there are also options for girls and women which take place indoors and do not include men.

  • Can I perform voluntary, unpaid work at a club?

    Unpaid volunteer work is also open to refugees. You do not need any official approval for this. Sporting clubs are generally always looking for helpers to assist with their work.

  • Can I perform paid work at a club?

    Please consult the relevant authority for this question.

  • What happens if I can’t paid the membership fee?

    Some clubs offer free sporting activities for refugees. To find out more, please contact the club you wish to join. Young people aged 18 and under are also entitled to receive financial aid from the Berlin state government (Education and Participation Package).