People who play sport regularly have healthier, happier lives. Because sport not only has positive effects on the body; it can also benefit our mind and social life. [More information]

The Federal Volunteer Service pertaining to Refugees enables you to gain professional experience and be actively involved with public welfare, while also earning some money (pocket money). You will help out as a volunteer at a sports club, sports association or youth sports club for 20.5 hours a week (for 12 months), and in doing so make a positive contribution to the sense of community.


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Are you a sports enthusiast and like teaching others? Do you already work as a coach at a club and want to broaden your knowledge? Then find out about our exercise instructor’s training


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In Germany, girls and women play sport just like boys and men. Everyone here has the same right to enjoy sport. As such, girls and women are allowed to choose their own preferred sport, and exercise their bodies freely.


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